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What is Reiki Energy Healing

What is Reiki Energy Healing
Reiki is the life force energy. everything in this universe is energy, whenever there is some disease in the body because there is an imbalance in our energy system.

Apart from healing reiki is having a variety of different other benefits, this is the only single technique from which you can get self-healed.

let us talk about its discovery, this was discovered by Dr Mikao Usui, this is ancient  Japanese healing technique, this healing is given by just placing hands on the affected areas,

we are having 7 energy centres in our body they are called chakras. when the energy is freely flowing in the body, there cannot be any disease in our body.

So Reiki Energy Healing is given to balance energy in all chakras and hence there will be no diseases left.

1. Crown Chakra or Sahasrara Chakra - located at the top of the head. colour for activation - purple
Seed mantra - OM

2. Ajna Chakra or Third Eye Chakra - Located between the eyebrows
Colour for Activation - Indi…

What is Elevated Living

What is Elevated Living A lot of millionaires we know today didn’t have an easy start. They started their journeys because they wanted to get something, they wanted to get money or fame. However, along the way, they realized that it’s not about the status or the money or the fame. They realized that success is about having an impact and making a positive change.
“The definition of “billionaire” should really be re-defined to “people who’ve made and continue making an impact on billions”. By impacting billions of people, by default, you become a billionaire.

Elevated living is, therefore, a state of operation. It is about the way you operate with everything.
Elevated living is about how you can renunciation to serve a bigger cause than yourself. Whether it’s your money, time, energy, real renunciation is about how you can re-invest these things to do something more.
By doing this, by serving something bigger than ourselves, we gain elevated consciousness, and, in the end, it goes back…

What is Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional IntelligenceWhy is learning and having emotional intelligence (EQ) important?

The world has always connected, continues to connect and will forever connect through people-to-people interaction, not business-to-business communication. “With places and projects, I have a strategy. When it comes to people, I go with my heart”.
Especially with the recent rise in technology, the most needed skill of the hour and of the future to achieve success, whether in personal or professional life is EQ. You get to connect with people offline and online through EQ. “Whether offline or online, people think in exactly the same way. Online, however, people’s habits are simply amplified and magnified”.
With EQ, one has the ability to:
●connect with people ●understand one’s own and another’s emotions in the context of the current surrounding and environment ●understand what someone else is going through physical and visual cues without them even having to say it ●go with one’s own heart ●negotiat…

Energy Management is Very Important

“We often learn how to make a living but we don't know how to make a life.” Why is energy management important? When you don’t manage your energy, your career and work suffers, you lose your focus, your family and friends get affected too. You then start to feel guilty and act differently. You start losing yourself. “We put time limits on what we love and we end up doing what we don’t love for all of time”.
How to manage your ENERGY for OPTIMUM PRODUCTIVITY (focus on 1 first then another and another but always have focus on 1)
Energy Centers in Our Body

Energy management
Think ENERGY first! Don’t split your time but rather, split your energy.
Know what brings you up and know what brings you down.
Some facts: ●     82% of businesses feel that they are not performing at ideal energy levels ●     When we feel too energetic, we eventually burn out.
Energy levels which are too low and too high are not ideal — strike a balance! You have to have momentum and moments of relaxation and slowing down…

What is Lifelong Learning

What is Lifelong Learning
Lifelong learning is the key to success almost all the successful people are lifelong learners.Why education first?
We spend an average of 78 years on earth and of that 78 years, we spend five to ten years on social media and TV.
We spend about 18 years learning how to make a living and 0 years learning how to make a life. When we don’t know how to make a life, our means of living suffer.
It’s important to note that here, we are talking about education first, and not education only.
The healthiest, wealthiest and wisest people in the world choose education first, over entertainment. Education unlocks our potential.
For Me, I merges the two (edutainment) but he still chooses education first.
“Education will compile like compound interest”.

Some myths about learning: ●We can learn for a period of time and apply what we’ve learnt then stop learning for another period of time and the process repeats. This is FALSE. Learning is continuous and it is consistent. We need to b…


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