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How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety

How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety Mental health is one of the common problems which people are facing nowadays and depression is one of them.

How to Overcome Depression and Anxiety I will try to give simple solutions to these problems
Depression is Suppression - you suffer from depression because you suppress your emotions and don't allow to pass them through you
Meditation - there are different types of meditation which one can practice to get rid of depression, meditation is basically focussing on your breathing. Mindfulness meditation is the one in which you focus on total body awareness, knowing thyself  
Spend time in Nature - Nature heals everything, spend some time in nature go out for a walk in the garden barefoot. you will be relaxed and feel great

Listen to Music - Music plays an important role in one's life especially if someone is feeling down it helps us to elevate our mood and raise frequency and vibrations. listen to music which you love.

Watching Funny Videos -…

What it takes to be Successful?

What it takes to be successful? 
Yesterday I watched the video on youtube, where the speaker told that everyone wants to be successful but one needs to know whether he is qualified to be successful, what qualities one must have?

I understood that what it takes to be successful, everyone talks supports once the success is achieved but no one supports when we are on the journey

When you want to be successful one must have a never to give up mentality, because when you have this somehow universe supports you in any possible way

Investing in yourself is also one of the best things to do when you feel that you are not getting what you deserve.

when you become your greatest version success will automatically follow you

learning something new every day also plays a key role, most of the youngsters spend half a day on social media and hardly care about what is going on in their lives.

Rome was not built in a day 

What it takes to be successful? you need to be consistent, have patience, believe i…

Benefits of Drinking water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach

Benefits of Drinking water first thing in the morning
When you drink water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach functioning of your internal system such as heart, kidney, liver, lungs, etc. improves

Benefits of Drinking water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach Water needs to be taken before sunrise. this will improve the internal organs of the body such as Heart, Kidney, Lungs, Liver, Brain, etc. without doing anything you need to drink at least 125 ml water on an empty stomach, at first you will not feel good because you are not used to the process do not worry, but continue this task and increase the amount of water once you find it comfortable.

It is said that the stomach is the other brain so when you have an upset stomach or your digestive system is not proper, your brain will not work to the optimum level so if you want to have great memory power you need to drink water on an empty stomach the first thing in the morning.

This also helps you to lose weight be…


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