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How to Clear Your Mind

How to Clear Your Mind"We live in the world we think of"

Breathe easy...just be. How do we live from our hearts? How do we free ourselves? On my journey, I have realized the human mind is similar to a computer. In a computer you put programs, the more programs you put on a computer, the more it slows down until it eventually crashes. The more we accumulate in the mind, the more we slow down, until we too eventually crash. Belief is the program that creates our reality, it's all BS—belief systems.

How to Clear Your Mind
Whatever we are thinking, we are creating, in essence, we live in the world we are thinking of. Many of us want our minds instantly to switch off...that's impossible. The more effort you use to get into the effortless state, the harder it becomes. By surrendering, our heart space opens. Letting go off society's expectations, of what friends and family think, liberates you.

Accepting yourself 100% is the first step of clearing your mind and watching…

5 ways to build a better relationship

5 ways to build a better relationship"changing the water of the plant makes it grow"
The greatest relationship we can have is with ourselves before we can love anybody, we must begin to love ourselves.

The five ways to build a better relationship are communication, appreciation, passion, trust, and fun. 1. Communication - The voice is the essence, how we speak to our partner is essential in building a closed bond. words hold power, its not the words you use but the energy behind the words. words mold and shape matter, using words to heal one another, bring the best out of our relationships. nurturing each other starts with creating free time for one another to express our true feelings.

2. Appreciation - do not take your partner for granted, appreciating your love is a great way to create a harmonious relationship. when we forget to value each other we become complacent and end up throwing away the very person we cherish. keeping alive the flame of love requires tremendous …


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