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How to Stop Chasing People

How to Stop Chasing People

In today's society, people are always looking for approval from other people in whatever they do, example if they want to wear particular clothes they will seek approval how is this looking on me?? but you need to let go of seeking approval or what other people will think about me.

Let go of all the things which no longer serve you

Also, a lot of people are looking for a particular guy/girl to love them and they are trying to do whatever possible to make them happy, in that way you are actually moving away from your true authentic self. Instead, be authentic and right people will come into your life.

How to Stop Chasing People

In a career also people choose what the parents say, but you must choose what interests you. you must choose what you love to do. become a master in that particular field, it takes 10000 hours to become a master in any field.

When my journey of entrepreneur started there were lot of people saying that u cannot do this, but I kept be…


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