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We don't have everything in control

Have you ever been in a situation where the control is not on your side and whatever you wish  Is not happening however hard I will try

The same was the situation with me today when I posted a video on YouTube I connected my headphone and I shoot the video but what I found that there was no voice in the video so I was very much disappointed and frustrated, a few days back the same thing was happening, I was in my perfect mood with high energy levels and was planning to go for work.

where nothing was working in my favor there was a lot of tension, disturbance insecurity anger stress anxiety depression

So what do you do in this situation when you feel stuck when you have nothing under your control

About 95% of people will give up. But that's not the solution. We think we have control in every situation but this is not true.

Sometimes we need to let go of just take a deep breath and allow what is happening. We need to take a break and reduce our pace

let us take the example of coronavirus, anyone has ever imagined that such a thing would happen? but it happened and the world became standstill. though we have progressed so much in science and technology still the power is not in our hands. Its time to be grateful for whatever we have in our lives when we are grateful we live in abundance and everything around us changes.

Did u utilize the time of lockdown well? did u learnt something? if yes then mention in the comments what did u learned?

During these hard times it is very much essential for all of us to unite and help each other by building community and serving other needs human beings. we must boycott 5G because we live in 5D and not in 5G.

This is what has happened to me if you agree with me let me know your thoughts



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